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    Our story

    • VIVAJO Invest

      Open business in Cluj-Napoca, Romania „VIVAJO Invest“ to offer Nearshoring IT-Services for the German Real Estate Marketing Industry.

    • VIVAJO Gmbh

      Opening „VIVAJO GmbH“ in Germany, Munich.

    • 2014
    • VIVAJO Tech

      Beginning of „VIVAJO Tech“ in Cluj to offer IT solutions from Romania; Software development and high quality products.

    • 2016
    • Expansion

      Expand to Chisinau, Moldova to offer technical solutions.

    • Expansion

      Expand to Sibiu, Romania to offer services in german language.

    • R&D

      Start of „VIVAJO CasaDraw“ for Research & Development project using Artificial Intelligence; Business augmentation through advanced technologies.

    • 2022
    • Expansion

      Joining IT park, Moldova; New Vision to digitalize the world sustainably with excellence, not only the Real Estate industry; Expansion the Nearshoring IT services to other industries.

    • 2022
    • Today we have more than 150 employees and  more than 10.000 customers.

    • Hiring & Expanding
    • 2008
    • Development of the first estate marketing services; Developing ERP solution for Real Estate e-Commerce; Increase market share and diversification of products.

    • 2013
    • Expansion

      Expansion to Targu Mures, Romania to hire more people; Match market demand for digital marketing products.

    • 2015
    • VIVAJO Graphics

      Opening „VIVAJO Graphics“ in Balti, Moldova to offer graphic solutions; Improvements in property presentation products.

    • 2018
    • High quality architectural visualizations; Processes improvements through software automation; Connected services – API Service New e-Commerce solutions.

    • 2019
    • Software tools and integrated services; Application for virtual property visits; Marketplace eCommerce integrations.

    • 2021
    • VIVAJO Digital

      Start of „VIVAJO Digital“ in Chisinau to offer IT-solutions from Rep. Moldova.


      Expand to Podgorica and offer architectural graphics

    • Today
    • „VIVAJO People“ starts hiring more specialists for new projects.

    — The journey began in 2008 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with nearshoring IT and Graphic solutions for the German Real Estate Marketing industry. Market development and increased request in our services made us expand the business with more incredible people and new offices. Our passion for excellence guided us through the development of incredible new products and integration of software services.

    — Efficiency as one of our core values motivated us to go further and embrace technological advances in artificial intelligence to go beyond what is humanly possible. We are aware of global consideration for sustainable and efficient living, so we are expanding our IT services to more industries for the mobility of the future.

    Our Vision

    Digitalize the world sustainably with excellence

    In the future, we will live efficiently and sustainably – As Europe’s leading Digitalization company, we want to solve this big Challenges with Excellence.

    image vision

    Our Mission

    We believe our digitalization solutions solves the lack of workforces by increasing efficiency.

    We believe that our digitalization solutions and software protect the climate sustainably.

    Motivated people create sustainable values and thus help our customers to make their business more efficient and climate-friendly.

    We help already over 10,000 B2B customers in the D-A-CH area (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) to counteract the lack of workforces through efficient software and digitalization.

    We are expanding internationally and into new industry areas in order to be able to support even more customers with our excellent solutions. The world is our marketplace.

    Through constant progress, we can offer the right benefits and exciting projects to attract the remarkable specialists, thus we aspire to an exponential growth of our team.

    We believe that only those companies that can find, keep and motivate the right people will be successful in the future. Therefore, we must try to be the best employer.

    Our Values


    Customer Experience Centered

    Customer experience (CX) is at the heart of what we do. We help our customers solve the lack of workforces through digitalization and efficient, productivity-enhancing software. We therefore continuously create sustainable values internally and for our customers.

    Innovation By Expertise

    We are convinced that the challenges of the future can only be solved with expertise. For this reason, continuous training of the best experts on the latest technologies is essential for us.


    Sustainability Is Our Future

    By continuously developing innovative solutions, we help our customers to protect the environment and the climate. As a company, we are committed to CO2 neutrality in the long term. We are constantly trying to reduce our carbon footprint. We increasingly obtain our electricity requirements from renewable energy sources.

    Section Secondary values

    Join our Mission

    Digitalization is an ongoing process. As a tech company, we’re thrilled to keep up with constant progress and to be able to grow continuously.